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Friday, February 5, 2010

Quick and Easy Denim Material by Pat Hinds

How to Make a Quick Page by Cindy Piper

Make a Floppy Bow with the Paintbrush by Anne

Make a Fabric Tag by Anne

Put a Little BLING in your Text by Anne

Make a Wavy Film Strip by Anne

Chains from a Semi-circle Stamp by Anne

Make a Picot Border by Birgit Helander

Make and Image Border from a Stamp by Anne

Stitched Line with the Stamp Tool by Birgit Helander

Make a Bottle Cap by Rosalie Elmore

Create Negative Space in SB Titles by Cindy Piper

Make Vellum by Rosalie Elmore

Where to Erase Paper Clips by Rosalie Elmore

Making Alphabet Tiles by Rosalie Elmore

Make Stitches for SB Pages by Rosalie Elmore

Make Felt by Rosalie Elmore

Deco Pin by Rosalie Elmore

Fuzzies by Cheryl with Modifications by Rosalie